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Jean Claude Chalhoub, CcUFA - Lebanon | Viadeo

Jean Claude Chalhoub, CcUFA - Lebanon | Viadeo

Jean Claude Chalhoub enjoys obtaining collectibles and wines. The marvels of the world captivate him. In order to see them himself, he frequently journeys abroad. Owning a few boats, he tries to sail them when the opportunity presents itself. Jean Claude Chalhoub is an individual with plenty of different pastimes outside of his working life.

Jean Claude Chalhoub - His Personal Skills

Clients have the ability to interact directly with him with ease, due to the fact that he can speak up to five languages. Owing to his exclusive abilities, it was only right that Jean Claude Chalhoub became the head of the business established by his father and family. It is clearly of advantage to him being able to correspond in a number of different languages, causing it to be so much simpler for him to realise the complexity of the disparate industries in which his business operates. Jean Claude Chalhoub has the capacity to rapidly grasp challenging issues. This attribute, coupled with his being an outstanding communicator, helps him to develop enhanced amounts of co-operation with his family members, associates and clients.

A Leader in Business

Jean Claude Chalhoub was specifically elected by his father to help out with running the organisation once he had shown his importance as an employee. His change to his new position was perfectly timed; it permitted him to get started with an already internationally renowned company. His expertise and adaptability stood Jean Claude Chalhoub in good stead to be chosen for a managerial role. With an eye on extended prosperity, he introduced several additional chains of the company.

Jean Claude Chalhoub’s father and mother came from two diverse cultures and backgrounds. This made it possible for him to adopt and study both languages and cultures. Although he took his economics bachelor's degree in France, he started and carried on his education in Egypt before he relocated. His country of residence and parents assisted Jean Claude Chalhoub in beginning his educational career early on.

Joining the Family Business

His career as an average member of staff comprehensively equipped him as a director to manage the organisation in a manner that nobody else was able to. Getting useful experience with his family company has given him a foundation for extraordinary success. Jean Claude Chalhoub joined the family business as an employee after finishing his studies in France. Jean Claude Chalhoub has managed to acquire a profound knowledge as well as technical experience concerning the market, environment and the abilities and failings of the organisation itself.

Jean Claude Chalhoub’s birth place - and family - played a significant role in transforming his character into who he is at present. A multinational insurance and reinsurance firm belongs to his father. Owing to his Lebanese father and Italian mother, Jean Claude Chalhoub sampled many aspects of very different cultures whilst he was being brought up. His family saw to it that he was showered with attention.